What is Esc Realities?

Esc Realities is an entrepreneurial project to create the online worlds of tomorrow, that really could have been here yesterday. It’s prime time to come out with a massive, rich game that will appeal to a wide variety of people. Gaming is the Entertainment of the future. The industry now, as a whole, just isn’t dreaming big enough.

Welcome to the Alien Ruins of Tartarus
Art intro mob

It\\’s the beginning of the 22nd century, humanity has narrowly survived it\\’s first encounter with an alien race, an invasion. After the war Earth\\’s survivors head into space, lead to a planet with the resources to defend Humanity. Nicknamed Tartarus, from Greek mythology, the lowest level of the underworld and prison of the Titans. The ruins of alien cities and installations are scattered across the surface, the casualties of some recent disaster. The Earths enhanced Soldiers clash with alien forces, creatures and each other, while Explorers, Scientists and Engineers build cities for man and unlock the planet\\’s secrets. Tartarus has something for everyone, and there are riches, fame and glory to be had for those bold enough to stake their claim.

A Science Fiction MMORPG, taking place in the near future on a distant world, rich with fantastic technologies, mystery and danger. The goal is to make a revolutionary MMORPG, focused on customizable game play, giving each player as close to an optimal experience as possible. Team play will be accessible, fun and productive, but not forced. You\\’ll have the freedom to explore, complete missions, pursue your goals, unlock secrets, develop technologies, or design buildings and outposts.

Alien Ruins of Tartarus is primarily a third person shooter, with full melee, and mounted/mechanized combat. Designed like a stealth exploration game, with dodging, climbing, vaulting, cover mechanics, and even flying. There are no classes or characters levels, players will have the freedom to select and improve skills for their characters as they choose. Tartarus is an open world, where the players will determine where to build, what to research, and who to fight. There will be opportunities for combat of course, but also covert missions, infiltration, and heists.
Dramatic Combat
Combat in Alien Ruins of Tartartus will be like an Action movie, varied and above all entertaining. With flashy finishers, and moves that actually connect and interact with your opponent. Creatures won\\’t be just friendly, passive, or hostile, either ignoring you or trying their best to kill you. An animal could be passive until you make a loud sound, enemies may try to flee, a much stronger enemy you stumble upon won\\’t kill you instantly, it will warn you, hassle you, or maybe just take your stuff, but don\\’t push it! Defeated players may get captured, or wake up left for dead, if they still have some Luck left.
True Multiplayer Focus
This is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game. To make it easy to play together content will support groups with different skill levels, the AI reacting appropriately to player/character level. There will be fast travel options that don\\’t require unlocking, and travel can even be initiated in advance by mobile device. While some factions oppose each other, teaming up with anyone is possible. There will be no barriers to playing with friends, new or old. No servers, level or faction restrictions, or solo only missions. Content will scale to a wide range of group sizes, so no one will be left out. You can even leave your character on auto to tag along with your group if you have to go AFK.
Featuring your Favorite Play Style
Including different combat options like melee, sniping, and drone control, you can RP with a special UI and Game Voice, research tech upgrades, enhance equipment, design and decorate housing, hack systems for fun or profit, tame animals, repair and program bots, tweak your characters look, play a game of chance in a cantina, race beasts or vehicles, run your own shop, and more. Hop on to play a short mission or stay online for hours. Focus on one character or have a horde, characters are all logged in when you are, so switching to start tasks, or to kill some time will be easy.

22nd Century society is not a simple one. Multiple factions compete for power, resources, and information. In Alien Ruins of Tartarus the players will be the early colonists, working for the Mega Corporations, serving in the unified military/police force, the Guardians, freelancing as a Mercenary or Explorer, or even playing a Raider or Bandit.

There will be familiar paths, Engineers, Soldiers, Scientists, Medics and Hackers, along with the fantastic hover board riding Reapers, cyber enhanced acrobatic Battle Jesters, force field bearing Shield Troopers, psychic Blasters, and even Boosters who resort to dangerous and illegal nanite/bio-stim enhancements.

Players can be the rare unenhanced humans, genetically or cybernetic enhanced specialists, cyborgs, robots, androids, or combinations of the above! Unique hybrid characters will also be available, like the hulking Anks, human Ankylosaurus hybrids (with flail tail), the Flying Rats bat hybrids, the Red Dawn wolverine/honey badger hybrids that could be either cute or ferocious, or the Greys alien hybrids with psychic abilities. Alien races will also be unlockable in the future.
The Alien World
Quite similar to Earth, Tartarus is a large world with breathable air. An unknown disaster has left most of the planet in ruin, evidence points to meteor impact as the likely cause. Data from probes indicate that at least 3 distinct species have co-existed on this planet, though none seem to have been natives, as all the structures appear to be less than two centuries old. The disaster has left a large portion of the planet wastelands, but pockets of vibrant purple forests and jungles are already recovering. Initially thought uninhabited, undecipherable transmissions have been occasionally detected. Even if an alien presence remains on the planet, too much has been invested in this operation, and man\\’s future depends on the its success. Peaceful co-existence would be optimal, as the previous inhabitants seem to have managed, otherwise, man\\’s only option is to defend itself.
While other games offer millions of simple planets to explore, Alien Ruins of Tartarus will offer all the depth and complexity imaginable in one phenomenal world. At launch the players will arrive on a planet untouched by man, everyone fresh out of hibernation. One immense persistent world, organically changing and reacting to the players. Largely procedurally generated, players will be able to make unique areas and scenarios, creating ever more content and developing the world. How players harvest resources and develop their population centers will determine how many NPCs are attracted there to live and work.
Players Helping Run the Game
Alien Ruins or Tartarus will be a largely player driven game. Characters can rise to lead their factions, allowing them to set goals and plan development for their area of influence, subordinates will handle the details of implementation.
Player made content will be supported and seamlessly integrated into the game world, player made areas, missions, and scenarios. Players will also be able to act as GMs and control NPCs in other\\’s missions, or RTS style control enemy assaults. A player GM can even run full campaigns for others. What the players can do is limited by what they have unlocked in the game, and their GM rank. Higher ranks will allow control of tougher enemies or larger groups. This player support will be rewarded with tokens that can be used for game time, or other in game unlocks.
Choose your Story
While some will be happy to wander the open world, others will want to have a narrative to guide their story. There will be a World Story unfolding as the players spread across the face of Tartarus, it won\\’t be a series of quests, it will be large events that change the landscape and the goals of the factions. Each character will also have their own personal Story, simple guides to achieve your goals or paths to fantastic adventure. Want to be The Chosen One? Or wake up not knowing who you are? The choice is yours.
Luck, Karma and Permadeath
Tartarus is a dangerous world. Sometimes there are no do-overs. ART features permadeath, meaning there is no respawning. That being said, it won\\’t be that easy to die, and this is the future, medical technology has advanced incredibly. Serious wounds can be healed with Nanite Patches. Medics can use Bio-manipulator panels to perform surgery without cutting into their patients. Limbs can be cloned, consciousnesses stored and transferred to mechanical bodies.
Still, technology has it\\’s limits, and who will save you when you\\’re the medic? Fortunately you are a lucky guy/gal/sentient machine! Players start out with a finite amount of Luck, and a replenishing cash of Daily Luck. Luck can reduce fatal injuries to wounds, make you extra hard to hit for a while, or get you out of a deadly situation. Use it wisely though.
What about when your luck runs out? See permadeath above. Death isn\\’t the end though. As you\\’ve played you have unlocked skills and equipment categories, and earned Karma. Karma will allow you to create a new character with more starting cash and higher level skills if you\\’ve unlocked them. As the game isn\\’t limited by character levels you\\’ll be able to jump back in where you left off.

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