Introducing RPG Commander!

Putting the idea of a Massive Multiplayer Online World on hold for now, Esc Realities is proud to introduce our next project. RPG Commander!

RPG Commander will be a platform for all your RPG needs. A multi-phase project, with each phase building on the previous one.

  • Phase One: A Low-Poly, 3D, fully animated online virtual “Table Top” RPG platform supporting community maintained rulesets for multiple systems
  • Phase Two: A multiplayer turn-based RPG platform featuring Player-Created Content
  • Phase 3: A realtime combat version of the RPG

The goal is to create a streamlined experience, automating all of the rules, and management, to let the players focus on having fun in an immersive environment.

Stay tuned for more info on Phase One, which we are tentatively calling RPG Commander: Realm Weaver