The Concept

I’m James O’Connor from Esc Realities, we’re working on a creating a truly Next Generation Online Game.

The Game of Thrones of Online Games.

While this will be an incredibly expensive endeavor, with the current MMORPG market a well executed game with broad appeal could very easily attract and keep a large market share, and attract players from single player RPGs and even other game types.

sketch-robot-medThe main concept isn’t actually a game itself, but a system to make a successful Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Using this system the Alien Ruins of Tartarus game concept was created.

For me the success or failure of an MMORPG is not a mystery, the requirements for success are quite obvious, and I don’t think I’m the only one that sees this. For music there is a formula, a song can be analyzed and it’s potential popularity determined. A popular song won’t cost more than an unpopular one though. The same can’t be said for MMORPGs, a successful game will cost significantly more.

This extra investment will, however, pay off. Higher quality and extra features will attract and retain a proportionally favorable number of additional players. I would say MMORPGs are one of the most social types of game, a critical mass of players is required to really blow up (in a good way), that is why lower budget niche games really can’t hope for as good of a return on investment as a game with broader appeal. The potential profits can be far greater than the initial expense, and the first successful next gen game can dominate the market for years, as can be seen with seen with World of Warcraft. A game of this caliber will have no problem using a subscription model, with Support to Play options, and possibly flexible subscriptions.

The core elements of the Successful MMORPG System are:

  • Broad appeal. From character creation to game play, support as many options as possible. Multiple difficulty levels, depth in every system.
  • Designed for popularity resilience. Losing players can have a cascading effect. The game will be designed to minimize this.
  • Social focus. Easy access entertaining, productive and meaningful team play. Standalone social apps. Automatic inclusion.
  • Player supported and created content. We’ll integrate player made content into the game world, and allow player support and enhancement of standard content. Player run campaigns will also be an option.
  • Develop features with lasting appeal, not flash appeal. Flash appeal can make customers check out a game, but without lasting appeal players won’t stay. Involving game play is one of the best features providing lasting appeal.
  • Deliver memorable moments. Recreating famous moments from movies, TV and comics.
  • High level of customer service. Support will be automated as much as possible to minimize staff requirements. Priority given to dedicated customers.
  • Be innovative and unique, while at the same time borrow as many good ideas from the genre as possible.

On top of the success concepts above, I have a couple ideas that I believe will increase the appeal and profitability of the game.

  • Game Voice. A voice chat system that will allow you to talk as your character, and drastically simplify in game voice over implementation while being much more economical. This system will also be made available for use in other games for reasonable rates.
  • In game advertising. As a game taking place in earths future unobtrusive advertising won’t be out of place and could be a significant source of additional revenue.
  • On top of the above tie ins with movies and music artists will be investigated.

If interested please ask for more details on any subject discussed here.
I’m looking for partners, investors, or even a job at a company dedicated to make this concept a reality.

James O’Connor