What’s in a name?

I’ve been putting some thought into a name for the MMORPG. I can’t just keep calling it “the game” or “the MMORPG” now can I?
I’m not great at making up names. And unlike roses, when it comes to a product, and a hell of a lot of other things, names are very important. While the name I choose will very likely just be the working name, it’s still a big decision.
I’ve decided the world will be nicknamed Tartarus already, it’s from Greek Mythology, it’s public domain, it hasn’t been overused, and I think it sounds alright. I consider the artificial evolution man has gone through in this game to be a major part of the theme, I wanted that to be reflected in the title. I tend to do that with my names. If I made a super hero you’d have a pretty good idea what my powers would be from my name. Flamey Gun Shooter Man with Armour . . . to vague? So I’m pretty much incapable of choosing random unrelated names (Borderlands comes to mind).

Here are some of the earlier candidates.mourning_flower_memory

Upgrade Evolution
Synthetic Evolution
Colony Alpha: Tartarus
Enhanced and Upgraded
Taking Tartarus
Ruin World
World Raiders

I had some comment from friends that they liked having Tartarus in the title (gotta love it when people agree with you 😀 ) I took the question to MMORPG.com as well. I didn’t get a lot of feed back, but I ended up throwing Tartarus: Ruin World out there and got some nods.

So . . . the permanent until someone convinces me to change it title!

Introducing Esc Realities first game project – Tartarus: Ruin World

Edit: Stop the presses! I might have to change that to Alien Ruins of Tartarus

That also means the acronym for the game would be ART!

Purple Rose image from Steinchen