There are two concepts we’re trying to develop. One is a new type of game voice chat, Game Voice, the other is a new Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

This entry is about that game.

Artwork by Santos Scribbles
First off, the actual game Setting and Theme, or it’s Mechanics aren’t as important as the basic Principles that will be used to make the game. I’ll go over those first.

The Principles

Esc was founded to make a better MMORPG. If things go well, more than one. The theme and setting of a game can attract a lot of people, but it’s the principles behind the game, the way it works, that will keep them playing. These principles are the guidelines to make a fun and enduring game.

  • Appealing to as many people as possible. The setting and theme of any game will make it less interesting to a lot of people right off the bat. Avoiding small things that will further shrink the audience will be avoided.
  • It should be easy, fun, and rewarding to play with others, while at the same time allowing equally enjoyable solo play as well.
  • Innovate, take it to the next level, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
  • There are a lot of players out there willing to help make content, let them, and reward them for it.
  • Cater to as many play styles as possible.

Following the Principals in importance are . . .

The Mechanics

Below are some of the ideas for the mechanics of the MMORPG.

  • Movie style combat. Made to entertain the player, not punish them for making small mistakes.
  • Content will be largely auto generated, and adjust to group size and even varying character skill level
  • 3rd person, with an expanded stealth/exploration movement set, a la Tomb Raider.
  • Overall it will be a giant long running Real Time Strategy/empire building game, with the players deciding where and how to build their outposts, population centers and defenses, and how to obtain resources.
  • Permanent death a possibility, but it will be harder to actually die than most other MMORPGs, there will be luck to lengthen lifespan.
  • Player Law Enforcers/bounty hunters and Justice/Revenge tokens used to combat unfair Player vs Player scenarios (Ganking)
  • In depth customizable mount, pet and companions systems
  • Huge open world, it’s story unfolding as the player population progresses, with individual stories that are chosen for each character
  • Classless, level-less progression
  • Multiple player “races” with vast differences in all areas, cons to balance pros.
  • Characters will always be in the world, on auto when not player controlled. Quick switching between alternate characters.
  • No name plates, you will have to ask players who they are and figure out what enemies are and do.
  • Support for RP in the systems and over all play of the game. Game Voice will be a big part of that.
  • Organizations instead of guilds. Joining multiple organizations will be possible.
  • Players will be able to hide their identities and organizational memberships.
  • Player created content and player supported content.

Finally . . .

The Setting and Theme

The initial project will be a Science Fiction 3rd person shooter, taking place in the near future (relatively). After barely surviving an alien invasion the newly evolved human kind head out into space to find the resources to recover. They find Tartarus, an advanced alien world in ruin, the resources man needs with the potential for technological discoveries. Featuring high tech weaponry, cybernetics, hacking, robots, aliens, human hybrids and futuristic vehicles. Sophisticated research and equipment modification. Players will be megacorp employees, mercenaries, Guardians (earth’s military/law enforcers), or members of the former slave workforce the Liberated.

Why? there aren’t many MMORPGs out there that appeal to the Sci-fi fans. Fantasy is well represented, but for those who like movies like Blade Runner, 5th Element, Aliens, Pitch Black, books like Neuromancer, or games like Mass Effect, Halo, Borderlands, Deus Ex, or Shadowrun,¬† there currently aren’t any MMORPGs out there that appeal to all the different facets of the genre. Star Citizen looks like it will provide an excellent space opera MMORPG, with FPS thrown in for good measure, but Esc’s game will focus on the individual characters, and it will be darker and grittier.

We’ll go into more detail on a lot of these points in future posts.

(Landscape piece by Santos Scribbles . Property of Esc Realities)