Why Esc Realities?

I’m a big MMORPG gamer. I love them. No other games hold my interest long. I’ve made long term friends playing, have had a great time meeting random people, playing with them, or just seeing what they have done in the game. The depth and range of activities that could be available mean you really can be satisfied with just one game. Recently though, there isn’t one MMORPG out there that I really want to play. I play some to pass the time, try some to see what they managed to get right, and what they haven’t done, but none of them has me gripped at all. I’m in a total state of non-grippedness.Esc Logo 400 wb

The future doesn’t look good either. The Triple A Studios seem to be content with what they have out now, milking the cash shops, or have abandoned any plans for MMORPGs. I can’t blame them, there have been a lot of disappointing titles released these last few years. Some indie studios are coming out with interesting games, but it seems they are happy targeting fairly small audiences, and only focusing on a few facets of the genre.

Some people blame this on the state of the industry, or WoW, saying that currently an MMORPG can’t hope to do that well. To me it’s quite obvious that all of these game studios have made mistakes, reacted to input from players too slow, and limited their audience with small choices. I thought of all the basic principles that would make a game successful, irregardless of the setting or theme of a game, and I saw an opportunity . . .

I created Esc to try and make a new MMORPG, innovative, involving, enduring, and most of all fun.  This is an entrepreneurial project.  I see a market that is ripe for a good product, and it just happens to be a product that I have a passion for.  I’m old school, I believe that if you make a good product and give your customers good value and service you can be competitive and profitable. So that is the goal of Esc, to make the game with what it takes to succeed, that will be appealing to as many MMORPG fans as possible.

This project is just beginning, so if you are interested please watch this space! And wish me luck!

James “Jay” O’Connor